The Great Cloud Migration – The Where?

Where, Which Cloud? This is literally the million-dollar question, since it has huge implications for the overall IT cost in the short- and long-term.

A significant portion of these are the cloud costs, which can vary in value and structure significantly among public cloud providers and, even in the same public cloud based on region, generations, service choices, instance choices, promotions being applied etc.

While most customers recognize that cloud economics are different, they often lack the ability to evaluate differences between public clouds for their specific apps.

Additionally, there can be “gotchas” and hidden costs when mapping their applications to public clouds.

HyperCloud differentiates itself by delivering a simple, yet sophisticated, analytics engine to bring proactive cost transparency to every app and every resource in the IT environment. Armed with detailed cloud-cost breakdown, enterprises can proactively evaluate cloud differences, pick the best public cloud, and better map or re-design existing apps or architect new apps. They can perform these activities well before any migration is undertaken. This ability eliminates a significant amount of operational and financial risk—often the cause of stalled and long-delayed cloud projects.

To summarize, for cloud management solutions to deliver lasting value, it is important that they understand and address enterprises’ unarticulated needs in a holistic way at every step of the cloud adoption journey, instead of siloed approaches.

Enterprises have unique needs and therefore unique journeys; being able to deliver value throughout the customer public cloud journey and covering both their existing application needs, future needs and data-driven near realtime realities of one or more public clouds is critical for long-term customer success.

While HyperGrid can certainly deliver immediate value for point use cases, we advocate a holistic approach to public cloud adoption and operations. Our HyperCloud platform is designed to seamlessly and intuitively deliver value for enterprises across their entire cloud adoption and operations cycle.

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