HyperCloud Enters the VMware Solution Exchange

Did you know that, in addition to being listed on the AWS Marketplace, HyperCloud is listed on the VMware Solution Exchange? Here’s why

When we attended VMworld earlier this year, it provided us with the perfect opportunity to take a deep dive into the challenges VMware customers face. Throughout the week we surveyed users about their cloud experiences and found that 75 percent of companies are all or mostly on-premises today. We expect that number to drop to 55 percent by next year.  We also found that the top priority for existing VMware environments is to optimize it for cost and utilization.

Of those we surveyed at VMworld, we found the new workloads is the top use case for public clouds. Besides new workloads, the second use case for public clouds was backup/DR and third was migration of existing workloads. While the survey we conducted at the show found that the top cloud under consideration is VMware Cloud on (VMC), we actually heard AWS and Azure mentioned much more at our booth.

And, as expected, we found that migration remains one of the toughest challenges for customers. In talking with users, we heard that migration is still a painful and manual process that leaves a lot of room for human error. Customers are desperately looking for a way to build a simple migration plan.

Partnership with VMware

We began our partnership with VMware to address the challenges customers face, specifically the challenge of cloud migration. Those discussions led to the availability of HyperCloud in the VMware Solution Exchange. With HyperCloud, VMware customers can evaluate how best to execute their cloud migration efforts. Users can optimize existing environments and migrate apps to VMC based on a complete understanding of the footprint and costs in each cloud. HyperCloud provides a simple way for customers to build an automated migration plan backed by real-time analytics and intelligence.

It also uses predictive analytics and automation to help VMware customers easily optimize their existing VMware environments and VMC for footprint, cost and performance, and it delivers application services for VMware customers on-premises and in VMC – like self-service provisioning, automation workflows, and turnkey container services.

So, whether the interest is in maximizing existing VMware investments or using public cloud, our platform can deliver unsurpassed intelligence to help customers discover, plan, migrate, manage, and optimize applications across VMware environments or any public cloud.

Our platform is beneficially different from any other in the market as it simplifies cloud adoption using automation, orchestration and predictive analytics.

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