Lets Cloud Smarter. (Huh, What?!) – A deeper look into HyperCloud 6.0

Our goal since day one has been to help businesses simplify and get more benefit from each stage of their cloud adoption. This goal has been a driving force and key measure of how we track our progress and measure each milestone. So much so, that we recently adopted a new tagline of “Cloud. Smarter.” It is truly in our DNA.

When we set out to develop the next-generation of HyperCloud, we evaluated everything against this new tagline – would it help enterprises and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) “Cloud. Smarter.?” I’m proud to say that HyperCloud 6.0 is packed with new features that will help businesses plan, migrate and optimize their hybrid cloud environments, with enhanced automation and deeper integration and functionalities with all of the major public clouds.

With that as a backdrop, we are excited to unveil HyperCloud 6.0 and its various new features that will help you “Cloud. Smarter.”

Advanced users of the public cloud?

If the organization that you support is already an advanced user of one or more public clouds, the following new capabilities will be of interest

Support for AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is the leading Serverless or Function-as-a-service (FaaS) service, and it gives amazing productivity and agility to developers without having to provision or monitoring any underlying infrastructure. Yet, in the shared responsibility model, developers are required to monitor the efficiency of their Lambda functions and follow best practices. HyperCloud 6.0 gives organizations the ability to easily monitor all the metrics required (invocations, error-rate, memory thresholds and several others) and right-size their Lambda functions for maximum efficiency. We also monitor the required metrics at a function level to ensure continuous compliance with AWS and organizational security best practices.

Enhanced Automation

Advanced cloud users who have built new applications and automation with native cloud tools, Terraform, Ansible, CI/CD integration, Container orchestration continue to look for simplification, re-use and governance of cloud usage within “guardrails”. HyperCloud 6.0 delivers third-party integration and workflow simplification for multiple clouds to enhance self-service and guardrails for cloud adoption with app marketplace, ability to organize and backup repositories for DevOps, and establish governance and manage life cycle for VM and container apps including enhancements to its turnkey Container-as-a-Service (CaaS) support for Kubernetes container clusters on any cloud. In addition to our Native Kubernetes container orchestration and monitoring services, this release of HyperCloud brings forward support for Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), the leading managed Kubernetes provider for production environments and will also support GKE On-Prem (currently in Alpha) when that’s generally available.

Planning for the public cloud?

For organizations that are planning how to scale their operations and presence in the public cloud.

Proactive Disaster Recovery

The publics clouds hold appeal for disaster recovery because of the ability to quickly spin up as much compute and storage as you need for Disaster Recovery (DR) efforts, greatly improving businesses’ ability to stabilize their environments and serve customers. However, many businesses cite the lack of upfront cost transparency as being one of the biggest impediments to deploying robust DR in the cloud. Customers that use or plan to use AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform for DR can leverage HyperCloud to auto-discover their existing environment (VMs and apps) and proactively assess the true cost of implementing DR, with just a few clicks. This provides an easy way to understand DR costs and easily build a business case for implementing DR. HyperGrid’s unique integration with Zerto provides joint customers with unique insights and input from Zerto analytics and HyperCloud Analytics Cloud performance and cost benchmark information.

Azure CSP Program

As IT becomes increasingly cloud-centric, Cloud Managed Service Providers (MSPs) find themselves in need of not only digitally transforming their own IT environments, but also the need to transform their service offerings for customers to take advantage of the cloud. For our Cloud MSPs partners who are planning new revenue sources in the public cloud, HyperCloud 6.0 now supports the Azure CSP Program, helping participants satisfy new requirements announced by Microsoft earlier this year. HyperCloud 6.0 enables Azure CSPs to add several value-added services to their offering, easily satisfying the Program’s requirement to demonstrate they offer at least one managed service, IP service or customer solution application. Additionally, HyperCloud 6.0 enables Azure CSPs to easily contract, manage, support and accurately bill customers they have granted administrative credentials to under their Azure subscription, meeting Microsoft’s requirement and simplifying overall program management.

Already in the public cloud?

If you are supporting organizations already in the public cloud, the following capabilities are some of the most interesting new enhancements.

Compliance Analysis and Remediation

Compliance analysis and remediation is difficult enough in traditional on-premise data center environments, let alone in the cloud. That being said, they are also two of the things that keep IT and cloud administrators awake at night because of the legal implications and requirements within many industries. HyperCloud 6.0 allows for the ability to automate assessment and remediation of AWS and Azure clouds for security and compliance issues and stop the guesswork. Compliance assessment for standards like HIPAA and PCI-DSS is just a click away.

Azure Reserved Instances Cost Management

Azure Reserved Instances can be an effective way for businesses to reduce overall cloud costs. However, many businesses lack the proper insight into their cloud usage and requirements leading to either cost overruns or budget wastage due to over- or under-purchasing of Reserved Instances. HyperCloud 6.0 enables organizations to assess usage, right-size, plan, purchase and manage their Azure Reserved Instances for all compute and database needs. With HyperCloud 6.0, enterprises can manage reserved instances in the most budget conscience way.

With these updates, we believe HyperCloud 6.0 allows organizations of all sizes to accelerate their cloud journey and end to end lifecycle – execute robust cloud migration projects, continuously optimize cloud consumption, automate security and compliance, and scale cloud operations to support business needs. We are also excited about our partners that we worked with closely to deliver solutions for our joint customers – we especially thank the teams at AWS and Zerto for their partnership and look forward to simplifying and accelerating our joint customers cloud lifecycle. As cloud adoption continues to rise, we are excited to offer organizations the opportunity to instantaneously become cloud professionals and take advantage of all that cloud has to offer.

Will you be attending AWS re:Invent this year? We want to see you! We will be demonstrating HyperCloud 6.0 at our booth (booth #211) in Las Vegas each day of the show, so be sure to stop by!

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