Your cloud bill says what!?!?

HyperGrid’s Software-as-a-Service version of HyperCloud™ is available to help address the problem of complex cloud bills. Sign up for a Demo here!

Public cloud bills are complex and it is very difficult to determine the cost of just running a workload in the public cloud. If you’ve not had the pleasure of dissecting one, it can easily be hundreds of thousands to millions of lines of a CSV file. The consumption is broken down to the minute across several services and is so disconnected that you quickly lose hope of ever trying to stitch something logical together.  Trying to understand who spent what and where quickly becomes a hopeless effort, that is unless you are willing to hire full-time big data engineers to focus on nothing but this.  The result is that people quickly throw their hands up in the air and give in to whatever the bill says, knowing that there are perhaps large efficiencies to be gained, but cannot begin to find the needle in that haystack.

When customers attempt to make more informed decisions going forward, hoping to avoid too much sticker shock at the end of the month, they quickly realize a minefield of options exists.  Different instances available in different regions, different prices for those instances across different regions, a vast web of services that piecemeal onto each other such that you don’t know how your price will ultimately be calculated, and vague performance details such that you don’t really know what you’re getting for what you’re paying.  What customers quickly realize is this minefield is also changing multiple times a month, and it’s a very different landscape across each provider, creating a problem so big that you cannot fit the data points into a spreadsheet.  Then they also realize other items that they need to consider; what about compliance? what about my workload requirements? All I need to know is the best place to run my application and to consider a number of cloud options equally for my needs!

HyperGrid identified this gap in IT capabilities and has created HyperCloud™ Analytics. It will analyze over 500 million cloud services to determine the right combination of services for your workload, optimizing for cost, compliance, and performance. You can read more in this article from The Register, “HyperGrid lets you shop at 100 million clouds”.

You can also try out our free HyperCloud™ Analytics Platform. It is a scaled-back version of the product, but you can see the real-time analysis of your workloads and get an idea of the significant impact this capability can have on your cloud bill.

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