Simple Tools to Compare Cloud Costs

Organizations are implementing a cloud-first strategy to realize the ability and flexibility the cloud offers. One of the key drivers of a cloud first strategy is the expected cost savings the organization will realize. A recent TechTarget article by Mary K. Pratt outlines how it is very challenging to truly understand the cost of running a workload on-premises versus in the cloud. (The article is titled, “Fine-tune your cloud-first strategy with better metrics”. It is an excellent article and you can find it here.)

At HyperGrid, we agree that it is challenging to compare the price and performance tradeoffs that you will need to make between an on-premises environment versus a public cloud. We have taken two steps to make it as easy as possible to compare running a workload on-premises versus in the cloud.

Comparison of Traditional IT

As outlined in the article, first, let’s make sure we are comparing apples-to-apples. Most organizations have a traditional IT environment with servers, storage and networking that they have put together to support their business. Many have looked to hyperconverged infrastructures to make this simple, but this doesn’t make comparing the costs any easier.

We commissioned the Evaluator Group to do a thorough analysis for us comparing HCI to HyperCloud and Public Cloud to HyperCloud. The team was able to normalize the relationships between our platform and other approaches to IT, comparing the cost and performance tradeoffs, allowing organizations to make the most informed decision for IT purchases moving forward.

Comparing the On-Prem Cloud to Public Cloud

But, what if you are looking to deploy a cloud or build a cloud within your data center? How do you compare that to public cloud?

HyperGrid saw that as a gap in the market and acquired XOcur. (For more information on the announcement please read our press release here.) XOcur makes it easy to compare costs across HyperCloud, delivering a public cloud experience, on premises, and other common public clouds like Azure and AWS.

Impactful Metrics are the Key

Many organizations have implemented a cloud-first strategy, but determining when it is the right strategy is challenging. HyperGrid has partnered with leading organizations to try to simplify the evaluation of public cloud, private clouds, and public clouds, on-premises enabling IT to make an informed decision and realize the benefits of cloud faster.  This knowledge will drive innovation, accelerate timelines for a competitive advantage, increase revenues, and improve the customer experience.

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