Recent HyperGrid Coverage from The Register, Forbes, and more!

Just about one month ago HyperGrid announced HyperCloudTM 5.0 and since then, we have seen articles from The Register, Forbes, and many other great journalists and industry influencers. This version of our Software-Defined Cloud Platform offers many new and exciting features to help managed service providers and enterprise simplify and automate the management of workloads across private and public clouds while optimizing the costs around IT.

The list below is a round-up of the many articles to make it easy for you to read about the different perspectives on our new feature set.

Intelligent Workload Placement

In this release, HyperCloudTM leverages APIs from major public cloud vendors to consolidate information on all the services within the cloud. Based on the compliance and performance profile of a workload, HyperCloudTM will offer up several options along with the various prices so the team can optimize the placement based on performance, compliance, and price.

The article from The Register focuses on this feature:

The Opportunity for Managed Service Providers

IT has more and more options for cloud, which is good for the market as it drives competition, demand, and opportunities for IT. However, it also creates complexity and some teams can get overwhelmed with the choices. HyperCloudTM provides a unique opportunity for managed service providers to transition to a cloud broker and become a part of every IT decision a customer makes, whether it is in the customer’s on-premises data center, in the MSPs IaaS offering, or public cloud.

Introducing Software-Defined Cloud

We discussed the evolution of Enterprise Cloud-as-a-Service to Software-Defined Cloud in this blog. There were several articles that covered our Software-Defined Cloud strategy and the HyperCloudTM Platform as a whole. You can learn more on our perspective of the launch in our press release and our blog. For a third-party review, check out the articles below.

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