Let’s talk about HyperCloud’s Latest Features

We announced our latest version of HyperCloud™ and a journey which outlines how customers achieve a software-defined cloud model across their IT infrastructure. In this blog, we will dig a little deeper into the new features and how they align to the journey and how HyperGrid helps customers achieve a cloud model across their public and private clouds.

Cloudifying existing assets

When we talk about cloudifying existing assets, IT can now consume the infrastructure as services. With a cloudified infrastructure, IT can enable self-service provisioning so end-users can get the VMs and containers that they need for development, projects, and applications. End-users have more predictability and control over when needed resources are available, and can in turn offer the business better predictability in terms of project completion. Organizations can now cloudify KVM, Openstack and assets across other platforms.

  • Increase utilization of IT assets across the infrastructure with underutilization easily identified
  • Accelerate project timelines with end-users able to access the resources they need with self-service
  • Focus on innovation with simple automated and orchestrated management of the environment

Fully integrated IT stack to automate operations

Automation in growing IT environments is critical to ensuring consistency in terms of management and monitoring. Processes are now repeatable and executed in a consistent manner fast, enabling IT to focus on innovation. HyperCloud delivers multi-tenancy across public and private clouds with the ability to simplify billing with showback and chargeback. Finally, one of the more serious challenges when going to cloud is how to ensure workloads, application, and data are handled in compliance with internal and external policies. HyperCloud has security and governance baked into the platform, ensuring that workloads are handled in compliance with internal and external policies.

  • Automatically create LUNs, clusters, and networks across the environment to consistently meet technical requirements
  • Ensure resources are consumed by the right teams and applications with governance controls
  • Meet the needs of IT with compute, storage, and networking resources available when needed

Modernizing applications

Many organizations have applications that their businesses have relied on for years. The issue is, that as the infrastructure has evolved, the application has not. These traditional applications become difficult to manage, and drive up IT costs with the inefficient consumption of IT. With HyperCloud, these traditional applications can be containerized, for portability and to leverage a cloud model with the simplified containerization of .NET and Java apps.

  • Transform application fast with containers
  • Modernize traditional applications so they can leverage a cloud model, on-premises or in the public cloud
  • Increase application performance with infrastructure efficiently utilized

Build modern apps on any cloud

Organizations run their business on applications and being able to develop, deploy, and improve applications fast is a clear competitive advantage. HyperGrid has enhanced the Enterprise App store with blueprints able to be configured for a multi-tier application based on VMs and containers. Expanded container support with Kubernetes orchestration for Docker containers do organizations can leverage Kubernetes for complete container management.

  • Create applications fast with over 400 application templates
  • Deploy application on public and private clouds consistently and easily
  • Simply support
  • compliance initiatives with governance built into the templates

Intelligent workload placement

Finally, there are so many choices for cloud, it is challenging to select the right one. HyperCloud is constantly polling public cloud services to determine the best placement for a workload based on the workloads requirements for performance and compliance. HyperCloud will then offer several options and the associated price so organizations can decide which option is best for them to optimize their cloud spend. This analysis can be conducted on a regular basis so that IT can see if the pricing of running an application in a different cloud has changed, to further optimize budgets.

  • Optimize workload placement based on the performance, cost, and compliance profile
  • One-click deploy applications to the best cloud through orchestration and automation
  • Sign up for a Demo here: http://pages.hypergrid.com/request-a-demo

Badri Venkatachari our VP, Product Management will provide a technical deep dive on our new features in an upcoming blog.

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