What is your Cloud Management and Brokering Strategy?

When I was at the Gartner Data Center Conference last year, it was clear that cloud was the buzzword of the day. I spoke with many organizations looking for a cloud strategy, but they weren’t sure where to start, or what the value would be. Cloud is a good idea in some cases, and it is not a good idea in others. So, why should you consider including cloud in your IT strategy?

With IT, there is not one-size-fits-all. Some applications are built on VMs, others are designed with containers, and some run on bare metal. Building an infrastructure that delivers the best performance and price for each type of application is too complex and costly, not to mention trying to find a team with this broad set of skills. This is where cloud can help. Within one cloud, you are able to select different service levels to meet the diverse needs of the workloads in the environment.

However, some vendors may find that they need to expand to several clouds. In fact, we are finding that many organizations are implementing a multi-cloud strategy. According to Gartner, organizations leverage 4.6 external clouds on average.*

*Gartner, Market Guide for Cloud Service Brokerage, Sid Nag, 23 August 2017

Although this introduces benefits to the organization, it also introduces challenges as well. It is important that the IT team takes steps to ensure the value outweighs the challenges when leveraging multiple clouds. A few things we feel the team can do are:

  1. Leverage a cloud management portal which provides visibility of data and workloads across clouds
  2. Automate application deployment to ensure a consistent configuration across clouds
  3. Make it easy to support internal and external governance and compliance initiatives across clouds
  4. Continue to compare costs across clouds to ensure there are no surprises in billing. You can read more on this topic in the blog, Simple Tools to Compare Cloud Costs.

At the Gartner Data Center Conference in Las Vegas, the HyperGrid team will be there to learn more about your IT goals and needs so that we can be your trusted advisor to help you with your cloud strategy. Please stop by booth #305 at #GartnerIO or go here to set up a meeting.

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