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Ever since we launched HyperGrid last July (now almost a year ago!) we’ve been executing on our vision to provide the most effective and innovative IT solutions possible to our customers. Our latest HyperCloud™ release goes way beyond just infrastructure services (compute, storage, and networking).  The new services, ranging from serverless computing, auto-scaling multi-vm orchestration and segmentation and isolation for multi-tier apps, along with an Enterprise App Store, provide an open and powerful public cloud service delivered as a full stack appliance in customer data centers., with a pay-as-you-use delivery model.

As I travel around the world visiting partners, prospects and customers, it’s clear that they are looking for more open services and choices to adopt the cloud model, more control over various clouds being used by their organizations and better cost transparency and savings. On the other hand, it is also clear that the expectations of infrastructure services and capabilities are being driven by the public cloud services model and pay as you use pricing. We are trying to make Cloud better for these customers and prospects and deliver the best of both worlds with HyperCloud™.

Customers  from a number of verticals have been coming to us and one of the most detailed stories of how we are solving multiple pain points from DevOps comes from a major global real estate firm with thousands of global employees and revenue in the billions. This firm offers a broad range of integrated services, including facilities, transaction and project management; property management; property leasing, and other services that directly tie into the sophistication and complexity of their IT. Managing resource utilization was a huge challenge for them as governance policies could not be monitored effectively across on premises clouds and Azure. What’s more, it was nearly impossible for them to consolidate information for a single view of costs, which led to wasted spending. And their ability to innovate was also hindered by their inability to modernize legacy applications.

That we could control different clouds in play and help this firm solve their challenges through simplified management, unified cloud management and cloud migration resulted in a huge leap in efficiencies for them: it now takes only 5 minutes to complete application deployment; they are spending zero dollars in shadow IT expenses, and will realize millions in savings over the next few years.

Talking about savings and cost transparency, and as a former cloud customer, one of the most challenging things while exploring cloud adoption is to figure out the relative price for various performance levels that are normalized and available real time. Its almost as if some public cloud pricing is intentionally complicated and not predictable – in fact this is a machine intelligence, big data problem and this is what led us to explore better approaches to figure this out and led to our acquisition of XOcur. The team behind XOcur built a business intelligence SaaS platform for cloud decision making that normalized cloud performance and costs for various units on computing. We have acquired the XOcur assets and the team is now part of the HyperGrid mission – the first flavor of the kinds of capabilities that XOcur can offer are now live on a free service website we are sponsoring:

Stay tuned for our story on more details behind the capabilities offered by XOcur and how we plan to bring real analytics and transparency in cloud pricing and decision making as part of HyperCloud™.

Manoj Nair joins HyperGrid from HPE where he was GM and VP of Product Management for Converged Infrastructure. His team was responsible for driving the Product Strategy and Roadmap across all elements of the Converged Portfolio & Infrastructure Management. Prior to HPE, Manoj was SVP leading strategy and R&D for the Public Cloud solutions at EMC. This was an incubation team working across the EMC federation of companies. Previously, Manoj was SVP & GM at RSA – responsible for IAM & Authentication product lines. Previously he led R&D and Product Management for RSA Security Management portfolio. Manoj also led R&D for EMC's internal incubation project, EMC Infoscape, as well as the architecture of the EMC PowerPath product family. Manoj has also held development and research positions at Data General, Novell and US NSF funded Research Labs. He is also the holder of over a dozen patents granted by USPTO in Systems Software, File systems, Information Management and Security. Manoj holds a M.S. in Computer Science from Clemson University. Forbes Technology Council, Official Member 2018

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