The Barrier to Controlling Cloud Costs is Visibility

It seems like IT budgets have been under pressure since the beginning of time as managing costs is frequently discussed at IT tradeshows. For example, there is a Cost Optimization track at the upcoming Gartner Data Center Conference (#GartnerIO). If you look at analyst data over the last few years, IT budgets have either remained the same or have modestly increased. This would not be an issue except that the amount of data your organization is producing is growing exponentially. Artificial intelligence and the internet of things are just two new technologies which are producing incredible amounts of data.

A key issue for you to control IT costs is just simple visibility. With organizations using multiple clouds as well as on-prem resources, most likely across several data centers, it is very difficult to determine what is being used, and if it is delivering value. As time goes on, and there are personnel changes, there may not even be anyone at your company who is aware of the application that continues to run there. VMs, containers, and applications can end up orphaned and running in public and private clouds, with your organization receiving a monthly bill for these resources without getting value back into the business.

It is hard to find a toolset which delivers complete visibility across all resources. You can find a tool for on-prem workloads and data, and then something that supports Amazon Web Services, and then yet another for Azure. However, now a significant burden is put on you as these views and costs must be consolidated and reconciled for a complete picture.

You need a multi-cloud platform that provides visibility across all resources, across public and private clouds. Once there is full visibility into the workloads, then you can use various tools to evaluate total cost of ownership analyses and determine if the application is running on the right platform and optimize costs to get the best performance and price.

If you are at #GartnerIO, please stop by booth #305 to talk to us about complete cloud visibility and cost optimization.

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