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AWS Instance Planning – Getting It Right the First Time Around

AWS instance planning strategy is crucial to your long-term cloud gains. Taking the time to understand and pick the right instances for your apps is well worth the time and…


The Great Cloud Migration – The Where?

Where, Which Cloud? This is literally the million-dollar question, since it has huge implications for the overall IT cost in the short- and long-term. A significant portion of these are the…


The Great Cloud Migration – The What?

I started the great cloud migration blog series with “The Why“. I talked about all the different questions that need to be answered to understand if it makes operational sense…


Cloud Management Platforms Aren’t Dead

The only thing scarier than the trick-or-treaters knocking on your door this month is the belief that standalone cloud management platforms (CMP) are dead or dying. I read an article…


The Great Cloud Migration – The Why?

In an earlier HyperGrid blog, we wrote about how a “cloud-twofer” can play a critical role in helping enterprises with cloud migration, adoption and operating at scale with public clouds…


HyperCloud™ Analytics Is Now Available on AWS Marketplace

We’re excited to announce the availability of HyperCloud™ Analytics in the AWS Marketplace. AWS users now have the ability to optimize the AWS environment and user experience with a pay-as-you-go,…


Top 3 Trends from VMworld

VMworld was an exciting show for HyperGrid this year. We got first-hand experience talking to many VMware users who are looking to optimize and scale their existing infrastructure or see…


8 ways to save 50% on your cloud bill

Cloud waste has become a major problem for enterprises and estimated to be over $10B a year.  If you have significant public cloud spend in your company it is probably…


Future of Cloud Management: Integrated Platform, Intelligence, and Automation

Forrester recently released its Forrester Wave for Hybrid Cloud Management (HCM) solutions for Q2 2018 after evaluating several vendors in this space and narrowing down the list to the top…

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