Our Mission

We believe that cloud is a model, not a destination. This means a fundamentally different approach – one that allows for use of best of breed cloud capabilities of each cloud environment and creates a consistent view for intelligent application deployment, monitoring, and lifecycle management. We call it the Software-Defined Cloud (SDC). HyperGrid was created in 2016 to help realize this vision for enterprises.

The increasing adoption of public cloud and large existing base of private clouds has left enterprises with the daunting task – always picking the most optimal environment for apps from hundreds of millions of possibilities. Private cloud, hypervisor, public cloud, region, instance type, OS, pricing, PaaS, SaaS are just a few of the factors at play. Decisions often cover a combination of these that can go into hundreds of millions of options.

HyperGrid offers a software platform that delivers intelligence and automation with integrated functionality for application management, cloud management, and software-defined infrastructure services. The platform supports application and cloud environments comprising physical and virtual machines, Linux, Windows, IaaS, PaaS etc. giving you a broad set of capabilities for your cloud needs.

This breadth of capabilities helps our platform maintain context and continuity across applications, operational requirements and cloud capabilities in a way that we can provide real-time insights and automation across for deploying and managing applications in any cloud environment. This eliminates the need for point-solutions and complexity of integrating them that is both expensive and not future proof. Our goal is to free IT from elaborate learning cycles for various cloud technologies and instead focus on business needs and delivering cloud services at scale using intelligence and automation.

Our customers are some of the largest enterprises, government organizations, and service providers. They use our platform for a wide range of use cases.

Who We Are

The role of IT continues to expand beyond the confines of the physical data center into public clouds, which represent a different set of technologies and paradigms. This change in status quo brings the need for rapid learning and the potential for significant disruption to processes, workflows and most importantly business results. The team at HyperGrid has built technologies and tools to help make this transition seamless and successful for IT, not just the first time but well into the future.

Many in our team have been at companies that deliver data center technologies and public cloud services. We have also been customers of public clouds, and have experienced first-hand the anxiety, uncertainty and challenges of making that transition. Navigating choices across cloud types (private or public), IaaS, PaaS and OS flavors can be quite daunting – it’s easy to lose your way and overspend by millions of dollars and not get the desired results. And we don’t think it just about picking one cloud today but being prepared to leverage any cloud environment as business needs evolve in the future

We are dedicated to helping you embark on the cloud journey armed with a solution that is intelligent, delivers automation and a broad set of capabilities for your application and cloud environment. Our real-time intelligence is based on analysis of hundreds of millions of combinations across the many different clouds that we support. Our continuous innovation and focus on leveraging emerging and future cloud technologies is intended to help you embrace change and be successful for the business every time, with as little learning, risk, and anxiety as possible.

The HyperGrid team regularly contributes to articles and speaks at conferences to evangelize the market need for scalable, future-proof approach to adopting clouds of today and of the future.

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