5 Reasons HyperGrid is going to ROCK #DockerCon: #2 Modernize Your Apps Without Making a Single Code Change

April 7, 2017

We’re two weeks away from DockerCon and super excited that we’ll be there, unveiling new features of HyperCloud™, our hybrid cloud platform. Details will be announced soon.

Getting ready for DockerCon brings us to this week’s reason for sponsoring the conference – countdown to #2.

Containers Revolutionizing Software

Containers have been revolutionizing software by enabling developers to speed up development and deployment. Because containers are lighter than virtual machines (since they eliminate the need for a guest operating system that requires more storage overhead and a longer time to boot up) they have empowered  developers to speed up continuous delivery into production. Containers have also provided a great path for enterprises to move to the cloud, and they have been a key part of facilitating IT organizations everywhere in updating their legacy applications.

For the many IT organizations that inherit legacy applications without knowledge or documentation about application dependencies, modernizing these applications while trying to avoid application code changes becomes time-consuming and overwhelming.  

While new applications leveraging microservices can mostly take full advantage of containers, there is greater lag time for legacy applications as they were never architected for containers, and even adjusting them just to support containers is a major endeavor. What is great about our offering in HyperCloud™ is its ability to accelerate legacy applications to containers and update them without having to make a single code change.

What we call  on-the-fly containerization capabilities  in HyperCloud™ allow users to “lift and shift” existing Java and .NET applications to containers while taking care of complex application dependencies, automatic service discovery, auto-scaling and integration with any external service (e.g. storage, networking, logging, etc.). HyperCloud™ can transform non-cloud-native legacy applications into completely portable applications that can take advantage of auto scaling and deployment agility on any cloud.

Our whitepaper walks through 3 simple steps to containerize and migrate existing Java and .NET applications to the cloud to increase IT efficiency, speed up application deployment and simplify ongoing management, while benefitting from the scale and performance of the cloud. You can download our 3-step guide  here.

Watch a demo of HyperCloud™ automating the containerization and deployment of an existing Java application.


Drop by our booth to learn about HyperCloud™ and our full stack on-premises #container solution @DockerCon.

Amjad Afanah

VP of Product at HyperGrid. Previously the co-founder & CEO of DCHQ, which is now HyperCloud™ Portal, the management console of HyperCloud™, providing integrated compute, storage, networking, application and container services in a full-stack offering that is delivered on premises and on a pay-as-you-go consumption model. The self-service library in HyperCloud enables self-provisioning of infrastructure, storage, network, container, and application services on HyperCloud™ as well as 15 other clouds and virtualization platforms – like VMware vSphere, OpenStack, Microsoft Hyper-V, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and others.

Prior to founding DCHQ, he was a senior product manager at VMware, where he managed strategic products in cloud management & automation for almost 3 years. He also assumed a product management role for 5 years at Oracle where he focused on application and middleware management capabilities. He holds a bachelors degree in computer science from MIT and an MBA degree from UCLA.

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