HyperGrid recognized as the only Visionary in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for CMP for the second year in a row


Our HyperCloud™ Intelligent Cloud Management Platform (CMP) delivers powerful capabilities for cloud governance, security, cost management, performance optimization, orchestration, compliance, and migration and disaster recovery planning.

Eliminate Cost Overruns with Proactive Budget Monitoring and Reporting
Monitor and Control Security Posture in Real Time
Sustain Audit Readiness with Continuous Compliance

AWS Cloud Management
Tools Competency

This designation recognizes that HyperGrid has demonstrated deep AWS expertise and technical proficiency as a cloud management tool for cloud governance, and resource and cost optimization.

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Made Simple

Ensure cloud success and accelerate cloud projects via a platform with built-in best practices. Take a proactive approach to all aspects of cloud management by leveraging intelligence, automation, and analytics to accelerate workflows, eliminate risks, lower costs, and remediate issues before they derail your efforts.


Plan Cloud Migration

Build a migration plan within minutes, not months. Eliminate the manual process of building a migration plan with our auto-discovery and right-sizing capabilities.

Optimize Cloud Costs

Predictive analytics helps you select the right cloud instances and services and avoid surprise bills. Conduct cloud bill analysis, Reserved Instance (RI)-optimization, and continuous cost-optimization based on your cloud usage.

Secure Your Cloud

Monitor your resources and user actions in real time, using a compliance-analysis dashboard based on best practices for identifying non-compliant resources. Implement guardrails and policies tailored for specific groups of users and resources.


Scale Your Cloud Strategy

Provide IT self-service across your organization with governance and security guardrails, showback, chargeback, and budget controls. Modernize your applications with CI/CD and container services automation.

451 Research

For many companies, getting on the cloud can feel like mission accomplished. The reality is that nearly half of all businesses end up seeking outside help following migration because they underestimate the resources and time required for ongoing cloud planning, optimizing for cost, and ensuring governance and compliance. Cloud management platforms provide a solution, and vendors such as HyperGrid automate these critical steps to ensure a smooth transition and enable businesses to continue to optimize their cloud environments without needing to significantly scale the IT team.

Melanie Posey Research Vice President and General Manager at 451 Research


Many of our customers state that lack of upfront cost transparency is one of the biggest impediments to deploying robust DR in the cloud, so we are excited to partner with HyperGrid to solve this problem. Working with HyperGrid allows us to bring predictive analytics and automation services for IT resilience and disaster recovery (DR) to cloud planning, With HyperCloud, customers can execute their DR plans with confidence from complete, accurate sizing information of their whole IT resilience deployment in the cloud.

Rob Strechay SVP Product

Liftoff IT

HyperCloud’s breadth of capabilities in unique. There isn’t another platform that can help customers plan their migration and cost-effectively scale in the cloud. This has been pivotal in helping us ramp up our cloud services practice in record time.

Dave Bondo

David L. Bondo Managing Partner, LiftOff IT

Burwood Group

After evaluating several cloud management platforms, the robustness of HyperGrid quickly made it rise to the top. With HyperCloud, and the fact that HyperGrid has proven to be a true partner, we can quickly design, launch, and sell new services on public cloud. This creates new revenue streams and streamlines internal management for public and private clouds, as well as containers, into a simple, single platform.

Chris Pond

Chris Pond President of Cloud Services

Microsoft Corporation

As organizations look to optimize applications and workloads on Microsoft Azure, the ability to simply lift, containerize, and shift legacy applications is a tremendous enabler. HyperGrid… is an accelerator and on ramp for moving legacy applications to Azure.

Steve Guggenheimer Corporate Vice President, AI & ISV Engagement


HyperCloud™ enables our customers to adopt hybrid cloud, modernize their infrastructure and accelerate the delivery of applications.

Kyle Betts Sr. Solutions Architect

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