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Become an internal service provider with the freedom to manage a transformed app portfolio across multiple clouds.
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Drive new revenue growth in a multi-cloud world with differentiated new services and comprehensive go to market support.
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Top Use Cases

Cost Management

Create cloud cost visibility, bring costs under control, and drive savings

  • Cost reporting & visibility
  • Set hard and soft budget limits
  • Get recommendations on cost savings
  • Shut down unused cloud resources
  • Optimize reserved instances

Cloud Governance

Implement robust governance practices across all your clouds

  • Control access based on identity
  • Enforce policies for cloud usage
  • Set permissions for app publishing
  • Implement security for applications across clouds
  • Protect data e.g., require encryption for S3 buckets

App Modernization

Provide cloud-native benefits to existing virtualized applications

  • Containerize existing  apps with no code change
  • Get benefits of modern apps e.g., auto-scaling, service discovery
  • Accelerate DevOps adoption
  • Run applications across private or public clouds
  • Works with common frameworks (Java, .NET)

Intelligent Placement

Pick the best cloud & instance for your application based on cost, performance and more

  • Build multi-tier applications on the fly
  • Define governance & security needs
  • Optimize instance type from 50M+ options
  • Automated cloud recommendations
  • One click deployment


A single view or end users to deploy and manage apps across clouds

  • Self service provisioning to deploy apps faster
  • Manage & monitor public & private clouds
  • Easy to use interface
  • Works with existing infrastructure
  • Improve on-premises utilization

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Accelerate Your Cloud Journey

To stay competitive companies must transform their infrastructure, operations and applications to fully utilize the capabilities offered by today’s clouds.

The HyperCloud™ platform helps you move through the five stages of the cloud journey, providing agility & cost advantages at each step.

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Cloudify Your Infrastructure

Modernize your existing infrastructure with an internal cloud environment makes IT and end users more productive and makes better use of your IT investment.

Transform existing application

Modernize your applications for new platforms. Make non cloud-native apps portable across clouds by converting them to container-based micro-services without code rewrites.

Intelligent workload placement

Pick the right cloud for your workload and unlock cost savings with data-driven, real time application-level cost comparisons. Deploy to your selected cloud with one click.

Automated IT Operations

Streamline operations by deploying a complete software defined infrastructure stack when you deploy new on-premises infrastructure.

Manage apps across clouds

Easily deploy applications from a library of over 400+ application templates from our cross-cloud app store or create your own. Manage applications with a simple, easy to use interface that works the same way across private and public clouds.

HyperCloud™ Platform

The HyperCloud™ platform simplifies deploying and managing a wide set of applications in a multi-cloud environment. The HyperCloud™ stack is highly integrated to overcome the cost and complexity burden of today’s fragmented solutions. HyperCloud™ is based on the principles of the software defined cloud.

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HyperCloud™ is used by companies around the world to drive agility & automation

What people are saying

Multi-cloud use cases are increasing every year, which is making the use of multiple clouds very complex to manage. HyperGrid’s cloud management platform enables organizations to intelligently manage workloads across all IT infrastructure in a single pane of glass

Henry Baltazar

451 Research

What HyperGrid has done is combine the hybrid cloud with an as-a-Service pricing model to create an on-premises public cloud

Eric Slack

Evaluator Group

HyperCloud™ enables our customers to adopt hybrid cloud, modernize their infrastructure and accelerate the delivery of applications

Kyle Betts


As organizations look to optimize applications and workloads on Microsoft Azure, the ability to simply lift, containerize and shift legacy applications is a tremendous enabler. HyperGrid… is an accelerator and on ramp for moving legacy applications to Azure

Steve Guggenheimer

Microsoft Corporation

The ability to offer our clients a purpose built, fully integrated cloud stack that doesn’t lock users into one specific offering for several years is a unique solution that promises to change the way IT is consumed

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