Virtual Machines-as-a-Service

Effortlessly provisions new virtual machine (VM) infrastructure to the business. Eliminates manual approvals that reduce business agility, while increasing control over governance and cost monitoring.

The high cost of manual VM provisioning

Provisioning infrastructure services manually can be a time-consuming task, with side effects that can lead to decreased innovation and a rise in shadow IT:

  • Long waits. After a request is made, it typically takes days or even weeks for IT to deliver new infrastructure.
  • Loss of control. The business turns to unsanctioned infrastructure as a faster alternative, at the expense of security, governance, and visibility.
  • Rising costs. Manual processes reduce IT efficiency, while increased use of infrastructure outside of IT’s control leads to over-provisioning and overspending.
  • Inconsistent infrastructure. Poorly executed manual tasks can lead to configuration errors, requiring time-consuming reworking.

Rapid, controlled VM delivery

HyperGrid delivers automated, self-service provisioning of VMs in the data center and on 15+ public clouds, improving IT service and maintaining IT control to enable:

  • Rapid delivery. Self-provisioning for business users means infrastructure is delivered in minutes, not days, reducing the likelihood of shadow IT.
  • Stronger governance. Automatically enforces policies and quotas that prevent the underutilization of resources and insecure access policies.
  • Fewer errors. Reduces configuration errors that are a natural consequence of manual processes.
  • Full lifecycle management. Automates downstream operations, lowering the cost to apply patches, scale out resources, and update configurations.
  • Lower CapEx and OpEx. Eliminates underutilization of VMs and improves IT efficiency.

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In today’s shared economy companies drive a competitive edge by focusing on their core competencies and leveraging technology to innovate and create new offerings. By leveraging the right technology platform, companies can simplify their IT, reduce costs and deploy innovative business solutions to drive growth.

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