Unified Cloud Management-as-a-Service

Unified Cloud Management-as-a-Service

Automates the provisioning, management, monitoring, and cost-metering of disparate infrastructure, including HyperGrid and 18+ public clouds. Delivers holistic, cost-effective management through a single, consolidated console.

Mixed clouds bring hidden costs and complexity

Many organizations today support application workloads across multiple public or hybrid clouds. Such disparate infrastructure leads to management gaps that take a heavy toll on IT efficiency:

  • Fractured organizations. You need to appoint separate teams with varying skill sets, tools, and operating processes to manage multiple clouds.
  • Lack of visibility. Use of multiple management tools impairs your ability to oversee utilization and policy enforcement.
  • Long waits. Lack of automation leaves the business waiting for days—or even weeks—for approvals.
  • Weak oversight. Manual enforcement of granular entitlements and other security policies leads to errors and inconsistencies across clouds.
  • Rising costs. Infrastructure cannot be adequately monitored across clouds, leading to overspending.

HyperGrid unifies cloud management

By consolidating multiple clouds under a single management interface, you can oversee infrastructure reliably, with increased speed and visibility:

  • IT efficiency. Supervise all workloads using a single interface.
  • Holistic management. A centralized console enables you to manage resources, workloads, and operations across any cloud, ensuring secure use of public clouds.
  • Rapid delivery. Self-provisioning for business users means infrastructure is delivered in minutes, not days.
  • Strong governance. Users get automated policy enforcement and a consistent workflow for provisioning infrastructure on any cloud.
  • Lower CapEx and OpEx. Cohesive utilization and expense monitoring means you can see where to optimize for better cost efficiency.
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