Introducing HyperCloud™

The Future of Hybrid Cloud

Powering the HyperCloud™

HyperCloud™ is a hybrid cloud service that offers application, platform and infrastructure services to accelerate transformation and delivery of business applications that drive innovation and competitive advantage.  Running applications on HyperCloud™ allows IT organizations to speed up the delivery of services, increase IT efficiency, operate more securely, and save substantial costs, all while benefiting from the scale and performance of HyperCloud.


HyperCapable, HyperSimple

HyperCloud™ is a hybrid cloud service that offers application, platform and infrastructure services into a flexible, scalable, cost-effective platform delivered on-premises or with a public cloud service.  HyperGrid represents a major expansion in capabilities and simplicity relative to traditional and hyperconverged approaches:


Full stack, on-premises or hosted

HyperCloud™ delivers a public cloud-like environment as a full stack on-premises or hosted deployment along with application and platform services across any cloud or infrastructure



HyperCloud™ is built on three core technologies:


HyperForm™ delivers end-to-end application lifecycle management and orchestration for on-premises and cloud deployments, based on DCHQ. It provides:

  • Application containerization, including existing and legacy
  • Simplified application management
  • Governance, policy, and multitenant management
  • Ops access to the full app lifecycle


Achieve unified management for storage, compute, and network across your hybrid infrastructure, virtual machine, and cluster environments. HyperVue™ delivers:

  • IT automation capabilities
  • Simplified infrastructure management at scale
  • Federated capabilities across your data center


Experience high-performance, secure, scale-out software defined infrastructure that delivers cloud efficiencies for both traditional and cloud-native applications with HyperWeave™. Features include:

  • Bare metal SDS (in-OS kernel, hypervisor independent)
  • High-performance in-line erasure coding
  • Flash-optimized, scalable, integrated network fabric

Simplified application lifecycle management

Increase time to market and time to value with flexible, scalable capabilities that help you better manage your apps across their entire lifecycle.


Quickly select the best development venue and stack using pre-built service templates.


Rapidly move applications to production with template-based, one-click deployment.


Scale elastically with simple, centralized management and pay only for what you consume.

Consumption-based pricing model

Switch your CapEx to OpEx by paying only for the infrastructure resources that you actually use. You’ll receive just one monthly bill that combines all your usage:

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