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Welcome to HyperGrid Global Technical Support Services

We are available to assist you with Consultation Services, Implementation services or support needs for your HyperGrid solution.

Our global team is available 24x7x365 and looks forward to speaking with you to understand, address and resolve any question or issue that may arise.

Support contacts
US: +1 855.786.7065
EMEA (UK):  +44 (0) 190 841 0551

Global Support Services

HyperGrid provides a comprehensive range of services

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Implementation Services

HyperGrid supports implementation addressing technical and people needs

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Consultation Services

HyperGrid has a collaborative working model to develop customized solutions

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Customer Success Philosophy at Hypergrid

  • Simple We build products that are simple to deploy, use and support
  • Consumable Customers only pay for IT resources when they are in use. “Pay as you go” is the future of IT consumption
  • Seamless Private Clouds and Public Clouds should work the same way
  • Disruptive We are committed to fundamentally disrupting the way IT is delivered and consumed
  • Communication We are committed to communication. Over communication is the KEY
  • Commitment/Trust Make a commitment and deliver on commitment, predictability develops trust, and trust is the foundation of joint success
  • Customer Focus Our solution is only valuable when it solves a real customer problem. Customer satisfaction is one of our core principles

Support Services & SLAs

Our team is ready is ready to help at a moment’s notice, and has 2 different support options available to meet the needs of our customers.  All support services are available 7x24x365. Our Advance support option provides expedited service in the event of a problem with hardware requiring replacement.

HG Assurance Standard

  • Phone and email technical support – 8am-6pm Pacific in the US / 8am-6pm in the UK
  • Software upgrades including major, minor and maintenance releases
  • Engineering escalation support
  • Next business-day component delivery for hardware repairs for most components
  • Next business-day shipment for system RMA (must be reported by 3pm Pacific US / 3pm UK)

HG Assurance Premium

  • Phone and email technical support – 24 hours a day/7 days a week
  • Software upgrades including major, minor and maintenance releases
  • Engineering escalation support
  • Next business-day component delivery for hardware repairs – actual repairs will be done either by a Hypergrid representative onsite or done by customers with online help from a Hypergrid representative (check with your Hypergrid representative for details)
  • Next business-day shipment for RMA (must be reported by 3pm Pacific US / 3pm UK)


  • RMA is required for cases of uncovered geographies and full system replacements. Contact Hypergrid for latest list of covered regions. Spare parts kits available for replaceable items
  • Failed part must be determined by 3 pm PT for next day shipment
  • For all product offerings, customers are required to purchase a support contract for the first year
  • HyperGrid to cover shipping costs for RMA
  • Remote diagnosis requires VPN access or remote access via online applications like GoToMeeting
Support Offerings HG Assurance Standard HG Assurance Premium
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Hypergrid Technical Support
24 x 7 email and telephone assistance
P1:  Response within 2 hours with Engineering Escalation
P2: Response within 8 hours
P3: Next Business day
*See priority definitions below
8 x 5 24 x 7
SW Releases – Maintenance and Feature Releases. Yes Yes
Online Support Library
Access to the library of User Manuals, Knowledgebase articles, Best Practices, Technical Solutions
Yes Yes
Advanced Hardware Replacement
Replacement parts or system will be shipped prior to sending back defective equipment or need to provide Credit Card.
Yes Yes
Onsite Spares Availability
Separate parts or full kits can be purchased and kept on site for immediate response to equipment failures.  Some locations require this for NBD* service due to distance from major travel hub.
Ask For Quote Ask For Quote
Onsite Parts Replacement
Listed parts will be replaced on site without the need to send back equipment.  These parts include: disk drives, power supplies and fans
Yes Yes


Service Response Timeframes

Issue Priority Definition Initial Response
(business hours)
Update Frequency
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Priority 1 HyperGrid solution is unavailable; system is down Immediate (phone call required) 2 hours until root cause and resolution path identified
Priority 2 System is Operational, but performance or a system component impacting customer’s business is unavailable 2 hours Daily
Priority 3 Question, or minimal business impact issue 8 hours Daily
Hardware Failure System component failure confirmed by HyperGrid support Immediate (phone call required) 2x daily until replacement timeframe identified (based on customer’s service program)


Documentation is one of the keystones of understanding every service, and HyperGrid is no exception. Our team has put together documentation covering every element of our service including Pre-installation checks and Best Practices. Log in to the support portal. for the latest documentation.

Release Notes

HyperGrid HyperCloud 4.1 Release Notes

HyperGrid HyperCloud 4.1.1 Release Notes

Technical Bulletins

Occasionally our team will discover a limitation in our solution that we want to communicate to our customers. These may or may not have a direct impact on your environment, however we believe that the information is useful to be aware of in the event that it could. We communicate key alerts via email. Additional information can be found in the support portal.

TSANet Technical Support Alliance

TSANet is a vendor-neutral global support alliance where companies work together to support mutual customers more effectively. As a member of TSANet, HyperGrid is committed to providing 24x7x365 coverage for the most demanding application environments. HyperGrid can directly initiate a high-priority case with another vendor in order to quickly resolve problems at a joint customer site. Other vendors participating in TSANet include VMware, HPE, NetApp, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and EMC.

See www.tsanet.org for more information.