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True IT as a Service

HyperCloud™ Infrastructure as a Service is a standardized, highly automated offering which allows you to offer compute, storage and networking capabilities to your customers on-demand from on-premise infrastructure controlled by you. Your internal customers are able to self-provision this infrastructure, using a web-based interface that serves as an IT operations management console for the overall environment.


Time to market

Beat the competition and release new apps faster through the elasticity and scalability of the IaaS model


Meets the needs of a diverse range of workload types and sizes

IT Time Savings

Free up valuable team time towards business growth priorities and away from server, storage and networking procurement and day-to-day operations

Responsive IT

Deliver IT as a true service to your end users


Address data sovereignty, data privacy, and control issues

Cost savings

Pay only for resources used on a monthly basis. You do not need to invest in hardware or software

Common IaaS Workloads

Development & Test

Provide a flexible easy to use resource pool for variable, time-limited workloads & reduce rogue IT

Mission Critical Apps

Deliver required service levels for essential workloads with standard or custom SLAs

Relational Databases

Support SQL Server and other performance oriented, IO intensive platforms

Engineering & Technical

Run CAD, CAM, CAE, PDM, HPC and other applications keeping proprietary data on premises

Business Applications

Run a diver set of applications with predictable demands at a lower cost than traditional IT

Edge Computing / IOT

Support manufacturing & other applications that benefit from colocation with industrial systems

Big Data

Flexible infrastructure that supports unpredictable, variable workloads with powerful processing capabilites

Web Apps

Set up & run new applications without the need for dedicated resources


Support on-premise Exchange, Sharepoint & other team applications

IT Infrastructure

Run networking, security, file/print, systems management and other core internal services


Manage digital content, eDiscovery, GRC & other sensitive data

Storage & Backup

Access a large pool of on-premises storage

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Why HyperCloud™?

Private Cloud HyperConverged Public Cloud HyperCloud™
Rapid deployment M N NL N
Scalability N N N N
Pay as you use M M N N
Control & Security N N M N
Data portability & proximity N N M N
VM, Container & Bare Metal N M N N
App Store M M N N
Multi-cloud support M M M N
Real-time cloud analytics M M M N
Custom solutions N N M N

HyperCloud™ Services Used

HyperGrid Compute Service

Rapidly deploy VMs

HyperGrid Container Service

Run legacy & modern apps

HyperGrid Block Storage

HyperGrid Object Storage


Analyst Report

Evaluator Group TCO Report

The Evaluator Group compares the TCO of Enterprise Cloud-as-a-Service vs AWS and HCI

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Whitepaper: Automated, Self-Service Provisioning of Virtual Machines

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Case Study

Case Study: A large Bank uses HyperCloud™ Infrastructure-as-a-Service to streamline services delivery

Consumption-based enterprise cloud service enabling IaaS with self-service provisioning of virtual machines and application services to drive IT efficiency and agility

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