Block Storage-as-a-Service

Block Storage-as-a-Service

Delivers automated, self-service provisioning and mounting of high performance (SSD) block storage volumes for I/O intensive applications running on Linux or Windows, VMs or Containers. With a certified Docker Volume Plugin, deploying stateful applications on containers can be done in a single click while adhering to IT-defined entitlements, approvals, quotas, and quality of service (QoS) policies.

The high cost of manual storage provisioning

Provisioning, mounting and configuring storage manually can be a time-consuming task, with side effects that can lead to decreased efficiency and rising operational costs:

  • Long waits. After a request is made, it typically takes days or even weeks for IT to attach, mount and configure block storage devices for new application deployments on bare-metal servers, VMs or Containers.
  • Loss of Control. IT struggles to enforce quotas and automate approvals on the number and size of disks that certain teams or users can consume.
  • Inability to Prioritize I/O. IT struggles to control storage QoS to prioritize I/O for mission critical applications.
  • Lack of Usage & Cost Visibility. The lack of visibility into the cost or utilization of block storage across different business units often leads to overprovisioning and overspending.
  • Manual Post-Provision Updates. Day-2 operations often become a bottleneck for IT teams struggling to scale out resources or back up block storage volumes.

Get all-flash performance with cloud-like pricing

HyperCloud Block Storage Service meets the diverse needs of enterprises by providing reliable block storage that delivers high performance, low latency and seamless scalability to run mission-critical applications such as Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint. HyperCloud also delivers database-as-a-service with Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and Mongo, with built-in support for multi-host clustering, backup, replication, and automatic database recovery.

Here are the key benefits:

  • High performance & fault tolerance. High performance storage that provides fault tolerance and high availability.
  • Policy-based governance. HyperCloud governance framework enables role-based access controls, entitlements, approval, quota and cost metering policies to manage block storage usage across the enterprise with cost visibility that promotes better control over spending.
  • Rapid block storage delivery. Self-provisioning of block storage for system administrators that deliver VMs and containers with dedicated, persistent storage volumes in minutes.
  • Quality of service. HyperCloud provides quality of service levels to meet application-specific needs for storage performance.
  • Inline erasure encoding. Data resiliency is delivered by protecting the data before it leaves the host and eliminates the need for replicas.
  • Linear scaling and pricing. Performance scales linearly and adding capacity is simple. Customers pay only for what they use.
  • Infrastructure and storage as code. HyperCloud allows users to create machine & volume blueprints as code controlled by user entitlements.




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HyperCloud Block Storage Volume Plugin

HyperCloud block storage volume plugin enables automated provisioning and mounting of high performance block devices to provide persistent storage for containers

HyperCloud Block Storage Service

Demo of HyperCloud block storage service. Delivering automated, self-service provisioning and mounting of high performance all flash block storage volumes for mission critical applications running on linux or windows, VMs or containers.