Customer Case Studies

HyperGrid Provides Fast Access to Engineering Customer Files Along with Future Scalability with No Disruption

“Gridstore has proven itself to me. What sets HyperGrid apart is the technology’s potential to grow and expand without the need to rip out old storage. You can buy HyperGrid nodes as needed and keep adding them to the grid.”

Troy Kuskie,
IT Manager, RMH Group

Press Release Case Study

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Press Release Case Study

Interact for Health Guarantees Application Performance with Gridstore HyperConverged Appliance

Challenge: Finding an enterprise-class solution to seamlessly integrate and optimize applications Interact for Health was at a crossroads with its IT infrastructure. It is preparing for a 300% growth in data storage requirements in the near term and...

ETTE Brings Storage Space and Security to Customers

Challenge: A cost-effective, scalable and secure storage solution. ETTE IT consultants guide clients in choosing broadband services, productivity and system software, backup technologies, and networking topologies. After over a decade of steady...

Gridstore Helps Drive Campus-Wide Data Storage Revolution

Challenge: Centralize IT While Preparing for Growth

The cost associated with running 24 small data centers was becoming prohibitive. The Porterville Unified School District (PUSD) had taken the decision to centralize its IT support in one...

Interview with YPIT Chad Dixson, Early Adopter of Hyper-V and Gridstore HCI

Chad Dixson, MIS Manager at YPIT and Hyper-V early adopter, candidly shares how his data center struggled with VM sprawl until he discovered Gridstore HCI. During their test run, when performance never took a hit during an outage, he was sold. When...

Venerable Legal Firm MacRoberts Deploys HYPERGRID to Manage 40 Million Documents

Challenge: Reduce 40 “tin boxes” and manage data growth and access.

With approximately 40 Hewlett Packard (HP) DL580 and 380 G6 generation servers plus an HP Lefthand SAN deployment, MacRoberts LLP had a complex infrastructure that was...