Customer Case Studies

HyperGrid Provides Fast Access to Engineering Customer Files Along with Future Scalability with No Disruption

“Gridstore has proven itself to me. What sets HyperGrid apart is the technology’s potential to grow and expand without the need to rip out old storage. You can buy HyperGrid nodes as needed and keep adding them to the grid.”

Troy Kuskie,
IT Manager, RMH Group

Press Release Case Study

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Press Release Case Study

Altra Industrial Motion Achieves 13X Performance Improvement wit Gridstore Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Infrastructure Refresh with Gridstore HCI Yields Competitive Advantage Challenge: Modernize aging traditional infrastructure with a single-vendor, cost-effective solution to accelerate Windows...

Affymetrix, a Globally Recognized Company with Over 1,100 Employees, Saves Valuable Time and Money with Gridstore HCI

Challenge: Reduce capital and operational expenditures (OpEx and CapEx) while meeting changing business needs.
Enabling a major reduction in hardware TCO and fast reaction time to changing business needs, Gridstore’s flexible, scalable,...

Interview with YPIT Chad Dixson, Early Adopter of Hyper-V and Gridstore HCI

Chad Dixson, MIS Manager at YPIT and Hyper-V early adopter, candidly shares how his data center struggled with VM sprawl until he discovered Gridstore HCI. During their test run, when performance never took a hit during an outage, he was sold. When...

Gridstore Decreases BackupTimes to Under 15 Minutes for Bell Helicopter

Challenge: Providing disaster recovery in an outsourced infrastructure environment Bell Helicopter is constantly on an active search for data center infrastructure trends and new solutions. Drew Duke, IT Infrastructure Architect at Bell Helicopter,...

10X Performance Increase with Gridstore Helps Warren Memorial Hospital Improve Patient Care While Saving 66%

Challenge: Updating to a technology solution that would provide more functionality and capacity within a community hospital’s budget
Included in its vision of the future is Warren Memorial Hospital’s drive to acquire state-of-the-art...

VirtueCom Realizes Massive Acquisition Cost Savings in Moving to Gridstore

Challenge: Finding enterprise-class storage at a small business price as a cloud managed service provider, VirtueCom had been searching for a cost-effective, alternative storage solution to their current installation for some time before finding...

Gridstore Provides Fast Access to Engineering Customer Files Along with Future Scalability with No Disruption

Challenge: Provide storage technology to keep RMH Group’s files continuously available and decrease backup time. The RMH Group takes on more than 300 unique assignments every year and, in the process, generates a large number of detailed files in...

Gridstore Brings Meyers Nave the Performance, Capacity, and Value Needed to Support Its LexisNexis Environment

Challenge: supporting state-of-the-art technology that houses vast amounts of information
As a full-service law firm, Meyers Nave offers comprehensive knowledge and experience in virtually all areas of law. Many of its attorneys have worked in...

Intraworks I.T. Management: "Gridstore Does Exactly What It Says It Will Do"

Challenge: Storage upgrade with no downtime. Intraworks delivers a technological lifeline to its niche customer base, the SMBs on Vancouver Island and other regional businesses in the lower mainland. As the largest IT solutions provider north of...