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VDI is a compelling solution for many industries but traditional VDI (“VDI 1.0”) is incredibly complex to deploy and manage, and partners have told us that many VDI 1.0 projects have failed to realize promised cost savings & experience improvements.  In this 45-minute webinar you will learn how your customers can:

  • Eliminate the complexity of traditional VDI solutions with VDI 2.0
  • Reduce VDI TCO by 50% or more, with no upfront capex
  • Deploy a VDI system in a day, and new virtual desktops in minutes
  • Easily scale your VDI usage, paying only for what you use

We will also cover how partners can scale their VDI businesses and benefit from a recurring revenue stream.  HyperGrid and WorkSpot have created a joint solution that delivers insanely simple VDI including integrated application management and IT governance, at a simple per user per month price.