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HyperGrid Announces Partnership with Microsoft Azure   

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Consume IT, Don’t Build IT

In our current shared economy companies drive their competitive edge by focusing on their core competency and leveraging technology to innovate and create new offerings. By leveraging the right technology platform, you can simplify your IT environment cost-effectively and build and deploy innovative business solutions to allow your enterprise to grow.

HyperCloud innovation – never build IT again.

HyperCloud helps enterprises accelerate a shift from building IT to consuming IT, while maintaining controls and reducing costs. It provides a full scale-out application platform to your datacenter as a service, delivering true cloud agility and economics inside your own datacenter. Pay as you go only for what you use and never more. We manage and automate your day-to-day tasks for you. There is no equipment to buy, no software to install. You get all of the benefits of public cloud while maintaining security and control.

We believe that cloud is a model, not a place. Any company can transform their IT into an agile cloud utility with HyperCloud.


Accelerate Innovation

Drive business innovation by transforming existing applications and bringing new applications to market faster with rapid scaling and no upfront cost.

Simplify IT

Simplify IT with automated, self-service provisioning and management of application, platform, containers and infrastructure services.  Let us manage everything for you. No hardware cost, no licensing, no services, no effort.

Reduce Costs

HyperCloud’s cost is lower than traditional IT and the public cloud.  Invest in innovation and automation, not in infrastructure, training, licensing costs, and professional services.

How it Works

Transform your applications

Containerize your existing apps. Deploy rapidly into production.

Run anywhere

HyperCloud runs on any cloud. Get the security and control benefits of on-premises infrastructure, or take advantage of 18+ public clouds.

Pay as you go

Just pay for what you consume. No capex.

Benefits by Role


Enable line of business to innovate by providing them the right platform to develop, deploy, and manage applications in an agile and flexible way, while maintaining governance and control.

IT Operations

Remove complexity of managing infrastructure with lifecycle automation and a fully integrated infrastructure stack.  Maintain control and governance across on-premise and public-cloud applications.


Use your favorite tools and build applications on your platform of choice.  Deploy to production faster, whether on premises or in the cloud.

Line of Business

Bring applications to market faster with rapid scaling and no upfront cost.

HyperCloud Overview

Consume IT as a complete utility! We provide an AWS-like environment as a fully managed stack on-premises or hosted deployment along with application and platform services across any cloud or infrastructure. We provide security, control, and governance for IT, with agility and flexibility for developers – Consume IT, Don’t built IT!

Watch the video below for an overview of HyperCloud.


The HyperGrid technology platform allows IT, developers, and LOB managers to easily develop, deploy and manage traditional and cloud-native applications, whether running on containers, VMs, or virtual desktop infrastructure.

Our technology platform includes:

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HyperGrid Announces Partnership with Microsoft Azure

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