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5 Reasons HyperGrid is going to ROCK DockerCon: #3 Enable DevSecOps for Your Development and Deployment on Containers

By | March 31, 2017

From our previous  postings you know that we value Docker as a truly innovative technology in facilitating  the “lift and shift” transformation of applications. We’re excited about our recent announcement of HyperCloud Block Storage Service with Docker Certified Plugin. As we countdown to this year’s Dockercon we’re delving into the top five reasons we’re sponsoring the conference — this week we’re thinking about reason #3 — enabling DevSecOps for development and deployment on containers.

DevSecOps, is becoming a critical need for organizations looking to hyperdrive DevOps and accelerate application development. Gartner predicts that over 25 percent of Global 2000 businesses have started using DevOps practices in 2016 and this will soon be the norm in many organizations. Containers are now enabling DevSecOps by standardizing the way applications are deployed and ensuring fidelity from development to production. HyperCloud enables DevSecOps with 5-layers of security built into HyperCloud, and delivers prevention controls to ensure the security of applications – from fine-grained access control that enforces role-based access privileges at the container level — to network isolation and segmentation to secure multi-tier applications across different environments. A proper security framework within a DevSecOps workflow should provide both built-in prevention and detection, that is managed as a seamless process with the lifecycle of the application.

HyperCloud inspires companies to create innovative solutions quickly by providing a range of  other capabilities that enable DevSecOps:  

  • Role-based access controls and entitlements to provide separation of duties – rapid provisioning across on-premises
  • Scan custom code, applications, APIs and container images
  • Network isolation & automated, application-aware micro-segmentation
  • Built-in default network security for any newly deployed application
  • Least privilege & “Noisy Neighbor” control
  • Use whitelisting on production systems, including container-based implementations
  • Architect for rapid detection and response

You can learn more about how HyperCloud enables DevSecOps by downloading our whitepaper.

Amjad Afanah

VP of Product, HyperForm at HyperGrid
VP of Product at HyperGrid. Previously the co-founder of DCHQ, which is now HyperForm, a deployment automation platform for container-based applications. Amjad has extensive experience in cloud automation and application management. Prior to founding DCHQ, Amjad was a senior product manager at VMware, where he managed strategic products in cloud management & automation for almost 3 years. He also assumed a product management role for 5 years at Oracle where he focused on application and middleware management capabilities. Amjad holds a bachelors degree in computer science from MIT and an MBA degree from UCLA.